For 20 years, step by step, DATCOMP has started and continued to develop and to consolidate its knowledge in the field of drinking water treatment stations (DWTS). In all these years our company has succeeded in making the transition from designing components to designing systems and, finally, to designing an entire process and an entire water treatment station. Through the years the maintenance department, the construction department and the on site project management department have joined the design department. By the quality of its services, our company has opened the market to the regional water operators AQUATIM and AQUASERV in order to modernize and build new water plants. At the same time, DATCOMP has succeeded in creating a stable and powerful partner for itself: BEESPEED. Together with BEESPEED, DATCOMP implements SCADA systems of water treatment stations. The aim of the company is to fulfill customers’ expectations as well as those of the population, according to the existing standards and the legal and quality requirements.