The present document, entitled “ Privacy Policy” establishes how DatComp processes the personal data of users of the site further reffered to as “The Site”.

The protection of your personal data is a priority for SC DATCOMP SRL, hereafter referred to as “DATCOMP”. That is why we suggest to offer you an online experience in complete safety, ensuring that your rights and personal data are respected.

According to Regulation 2016/679 regarding the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data  and regarding the free movement of such data (“GDPR”) and according to Law no. 506/2004 on the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in the electronic communications sector, as subsequently amended and supplemented, Datcomp has the obligation to process personal data in accordance with the principles of processing and only for the purposes specified in this document, as well as in security conditions.

Principles of processing

DatComp processing of personal data of Site users is made in accordance with the following principles:

Processing purposes


DatComp will process only those personal data that are appropriate, relevant and strictly necessary for the identified processing purposes.

Personal data is processed for the following purposes, which we will always present you specifically and explicitly, in principle, through Information Notes, or by any other means that are used to provide users with information (e.g., posters, symbols, etc.) • Contacting you through the means of communication to inform you (eg. without being marketing),• Creating and analyzing profiles concerning you in order to present you content tailored to your preferences and in order to improve our services• Sending direct marketing messages through the media for which you have given us consent at the time of subscribing to the newsletter or other data collection forms to promote DatComp’s activities, offers and products, as well as Partners; the transmission of marketing messages can be achieved both as a result of the creation and analysis of profiles and independently of it• performing marketing or general advertising activities as well as customer loyalty activities as well as carrying out surveys• conducting economic, financial and / or administrative management activities in DatComp


•centralize operations and maintain an internal database in which to store information about you in order for it to be accessed for use in  DatComp’s activity work (eg, the use of such data involves processing  by Datcomp’s internal applications, in the conduct of business),• Performing internal analysis (including statistical analyzes, reports) on customer portfolio, improving and developing services, as well as conducting market studies and analyzes to improve and develop DatComp, Group and Partner services,• Archiving, litigation, investigations, or any other petitions / complaints to which DatComp is party, as well as performing risk controls on Datcomp procedures and processes, as well as performing audits or investigations of Datcomp,• Ensuring a high level of security both at the level of IT systems (e.g., applications, network, infrastructure, webpage) and within physical locations Information Every time we get personal data from you or we will get your data from other entities, we’ll let you know about issues related to:• Identity and contact details of the operator and the personal data officer,• type of data,• processing purposes,• the basis of processing,• the need for processing as a result of a legal provision / execution of a contract, as well as the consequences of your refusal,• the categories of recipients to whom we submit your personal information,• if we transmit these data to a third country,• the length of time we store this data and• Your rights in relation to the processing of personal data These informations will be available either in Information Notes, either in other means used by Datcomp in order to attain this purpose ( eg. Banners, simbols, e-mails) Acces to your personal data Access to your data will only be provided to those individuals or entities with whom we collaborate in the processing purposes and for whom we (the new or the intended recipients) can justify a legitimate ground in accordance with the GDPR provisions or if we have an obligation legal to provide your data. The following entities and their employees will have access to your data:• IT service providers (e.g. software maintenance and development, maintenance and site development),• Market research service providers, service providers through which marketing communications, service providers to monitor traffic and online tool users’ behavior, service providers to customize different types of marketing, marketing service providers through social media resources, content providers of marketing forms,• The DatComp Property Administrator. We will require these entities and their staff to respect the confidentiality of these data, ensuring a high level of security for your data processing. We will also provide your personal data to judicial bodies, public institutions, or central and local public authorities, following a expressly justified request or legal obligation.Security of personal data We will take all necessary security measures to protect your transmitted personal data, stored or otherwise processed against unauthorized destruction, loss, distruction or alteration, unauthorized disclosure or unauthorized access, and against any other unlawful processing. The security measures we implement with regard to your personal data have the ability to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, availability and continued resilience of processing systems and services as well as the ability to restore the availability of and access to personal data as soon as possible, if a physical or technical incident occurs. All personal data will be processed through secure pages using the SSL encryption system, marked with a lock icon, located at the top of the browser window, in front of (in the Chrome browser, the lock is accompanied by the word “Secure”) For more information regarding the security standards which are being performed on Site, please write to the following e-mail adress: DatComp makes all necessary efforts and uses adequate informational technologies, with the purpose to ensure the protection and security of data that the client provides. In the cases provided by GDPR in connection with personal data breach, DatComp will accordingly inform the relevant authorities and relevant persons.
The accuracy of personal data  DatComp processes personal data that is accurate, with an update procedure in place. Thus, DatComp takes all necessary steps to ensure that personal data that is inaccurate, in view of the purposes for which it is processed, is erased or rectified without delay Storage PeriodYour personal data is processed and stored for as long as we provide you with the service offered by the Site. Once you choose to delete your account, your data will be stored by DatComp for an additional period of 3 years, in the legitimate interest of DatComp to be able to access and provide the necessary documentation in case of a potential claim in court, complaints, conducted investigations. Your rights
As a user of the Site, you have the following rights, which may be exercised, individually or collectively, with respect to the personal data that DatComp holds in relation to you:  Right of access – You may request that your personal data be processed by DatComp or not, and if so, you may request access to, and certain information about, your personal data.Upon request, DatComp will also issue a copy of the processed personal data. The request for additional copies will be charged based on the actual costs incurred by DatComp
Right to rectification – You can get your inaccurate personal data rectified and fill in those that are incomplete, including by providing additional information The right to delete the data (“the right to be forgotten”) – in situations governed by law, you can obtain from DatComp the deletion of the data. Thus, you may request the deletion of your personal data for any of the following reasons:• the data are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected or processed;• You withdraw your consent on the basis of which processing takes place;• oppose processing under the right of opposition;• processing your personal data is illegal;• Data must be deleted for compliance with a legal obligation on DatComp.The Right to Restrict Processing – You may request the restriction of the processing of personal data in certain situations governed by law, as follows:• Define the accuracy of the data for the time that DatComp verifies the accuracy of the data in question;• processing is illegal, and you oppose data deletion;• if you need these data to establish, exercise or defend some rights in court, and DatComp no longer needs these data;• You have opposed personal data processing for the time that we check that our legitimate interests are prevalent over your interests, rights and freedoms.In these situations, except for storage, the data will not be processed anymore. The right to oppose to the processing of personal data – You may oppose at any time, for reasons related to your particular situation, the processing (including profiling) of the legitimate interest of DatComp or, as the case may be, the exercise by DatComp of a task which is in the public interest or which arises from the exercise of a public authority invested by DatComp.Promotional materials submitted by the electronic means of communication may contain succinct information reffering to your ability to object to the processing of personal data for the conduct of direct marketing activities. If you object to the processing of personal data for performing direct marketing activities, your personal data will no longer be used for these purposes.The right to object to the direct marketing activity performed by DatComp is available when the processing of personal data for the purposes of direct marketing is based on (i) the legitimate interest of DatComp, or (ii) on the existing contractual relationship with DatComp and relates to products similar to those already contracted,  not on the consent given. The right to data portability – you can receive your personal data in a structured, readable format, and you can request that the data be passed to another operator. This right applies only to personal data provided directly by you to DatComp, and only if the processing of personal data is done by automated means and is legally based either on the execution of a contract or the consent of the person in question. Right to file a complaint –

You can complain about how DatComp processes its personal data. The complaint will be filed with the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing (“ANSPDCP”),

Right to withdraw your consent – You may at any time withdraw consent to the processing of personal data by DatComp in cases where processing is based on consent. Withdrawal of consent will only have effect for the future, processing prior to the withdrawal remaining valid. For example, such a case is the possibility of withdrawing consent to the transmission of direct marketing messages.

Thus, you will be able to withdraw your consent to receive direct marketing materials from DatComp in the following ways:


Additional rights related to automated decisions used in the DatComp service delivery process – if DatComp makes automated decisions about personal data and these decisions affect you significantly, you can (a) obtain human intervention with respect to that processing, (b) express its views on such processing, (c) obtain explanations of the decision taken, and (d) challenge that decision.

These rights (except the right to address ANSPDCP, which you can exercise under the established conditions by this authority – in this regard you can consult the official website may be exercised, anytime, either individually or cumulatively  by sending a letter / message the following ways:


DN 59, km 8 + 550m stanga, soseaua Timisoara-Moravita, Comuna Giroc 307221, Sat Chisoda, MODUL 3 –INCONTRO 07

By e-mail, at the following address :






Privacy Policy and other documents relating to the processing of personal data

This Privacy Policy is the general framework that reflects the principles of personal data processing at DatComp level.

When accessing the site (“Site”), DatComp processes the following personal data: the IP address, the browser type, the type of computer used and the usage system, the date and time of access, as well as your location. Also, as a result of using the Site, we place cookies or other similar technical means on your computer to help you access our Site’s services as easily and efficiently as possible and to provide, protect and improve our Site- community.


Changes to the Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy was updated on August 24, 2018.

DatComp reserves the right to revise and update this Privacy Policy at any time. Additional information will be included in this updated document.

So, please check the Privacy Policy section when accessing the site, as there may have been changes since your last visit.

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