Mentenanta The way in which maintenance is carried out is taken into account early, in the design stage, by an analysis of the life cycle. Moreover, by implementing a SCADA system the monitoring of the parameters, which give the final product the necessary effectiveness and quality, is carried out. At the same time, the intervention teams are equipped with all the necessary tools for carrying out the service or maintenance work requested by a customer. In order to ensure the 24/7 functionality of an installation, irrespective of size, this implies, first of all, preventive maintenance followed by corrective maintenance. The maintenance services provided for the Electrical Engineering, Automation and SCADA fields ensure the continuity and efficiency of the flow, as well as the reduction or even elimination of idle periods in the production process. The maintenance services ensure the optimal functioning of the installation, in addition to the fact that they substantially cut operation costs. MAINTENANCE entails having staff consisting of: