DATCOMP20 years of systems and hydraulic structures

Our company was established 20 years ago, in 1994, in order to bring you the best solutions regarding Water Treatment Plants (WTP) – ranging from components design to systems design and finally the designing of an entire process of a WTP. Since then, we have continued to grow, update, develop and consolidate, too. Moreover, to all this we have added the maintenance service and the on-site construction service.

We let the quality of our products speak for ourselves and we aim for the most important regional operators of water and wastewater such as Aquatim and Aquaserv services in order to modernize the public infrastructure.
• GWT Austria in order to offer high quality products as Sand Filters (SF) & Granulated Active Carbon Filters (GAC Filters)
We have made strong and stable partners with:
• BEESpeed in order to implement SCADA Automation System on WTP
• GWT Austria in order to offer high quality products such as Sand Filters (SF) & Granulated Active Carbon Filters (GAC Filters)

Project Design

Our company also offers turn-key solutions for WATER TREATMENT PLANTS and it also includes services such as:
Project Design:
• Determination of physical, chemical and microbiological water parameters
• Designing the Process Flow of Water Treatment Technology
• Architecture
• Structural Engineering
• Hydraulical Engineering (mechanics-utilities-plumbing)
• Electrical Engineering & SCADA Automation System


• On-site Management (organization of resources and entrepreneurship)
• On-site Engineering (project tracking/following on site in order to correlate with the designed project)
• Construction team leader with workers specialized in domains requested by the design office.

In addition to water treatment plants for drinking water our company is fully capable of offering the following services in the following areas:
• water drilling design
• irrigation systems
• wastewater treatment for production companies
• entrepreneurship for agricultural farms
• automation systems (for all offered services and more (e.g. metallurgy )
• feasibility studies to demonstrate the reduction of operating costs
• technical consultancy for European funds


The quality in our company is not just a matter of words, but one of facts, as our engineers and Phd Engineers have attended specialized courses in… This means they are more than qualified to work with the newest technologies regarding water treatment plants because they meet the European Active Standards.
All of our projects are meant to use modern and efficient techniques using advanced technological solutions. In order to make this happen our engineers (the development department) seek opportunities for technical improvement, presenting feasibility studies to our clients every day. This is an important principle for us as we want to obtain costs for both investors and operating/exploitation. Our customers will always enjoy the guarantee of first class projects and in order to prove this we offer all our technical support for any proposal and improvement of the current requested offer.

DATCOMP follows a well-established Matrix Organizational Structure. The team show their competence and offer only effective service of the highest quality.
The company functions with the implemented Integrated Management System on Quality-Environment by adopting the reference Standards ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, and ISO 18001:2007.
The strength of our projects has led us to recognition from the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of the Timiș County and qualified us in the top III companies both in 2003 and 2010.
Our company is growing both in terms of the number of projects and in terms of their size and complexity and is involved in numerous programs that aim at infrastructure development in the field of water supply and sewerage networks expansion.
Because of this, the number of employees has increased accordingly, with the number and complexity of the projects.

During the financial crisis the quality of our services has helped us to strengthen our market and thus become more appreciated. This has attracted top engineers in the field to further enhance the quality of our services.
By choosing our services you choose more than your service company: you value your business by choosing the best quality for it. Last but not least you choose a partner, a business consulting specialist and friend.

May 2014

DATCOMP Director,

Constantin TUDORAN